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How Many More Bites….?

Posted by Bill Prosperi on April 17, 2010

As with any of you that are parents, especially of younger children, dinner time can be a real joy.  And I say that with the deepest of sarcasm.  Every night we sit to dinner and my Wife and I hope like hell that these two wonderful children of ours will just sit down, shut up, and eat.  And eat within a reasonable time frame.  Rarely if ever happens.

With warm weather upon us, all the kids in the neighborhood are constantly banging on our door for Little Man and Kid Kid to come out and play.   We nicely tell the kids that they are eating dinner and will be out soon.  Then 10 minutes later it is like the directions on a shampoo bottle: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.  “They are still not done yet?” No, no they are not.

Then we get the “how many more bites till we can be done?” Ugh.  That is when we reply: “Why don’t you just sit down, quit goofing around and eat. There is nothing else the rest of the nite.”

Where am I going with this.  To me it seems that too many people are just fine to ask “how many more bites till I am done” so they can just go on about their daily lives.  Then finish the day with nothing extra, a ‘dessert’ for instance.  Why be so complacent to do just what is needed so one could just get by?  Personally, I would ‘clean my plate’ so I could ask for seconds if I so desired.

Personally, I get bothered by those that seem so complacent but yet complain about their lot in life.  Ummmm…. If things are not good, you have the ability to make it better, you just have to have that desire. I enjoy how I get to hear and read this story almost every day.

For me, my lot in life right now is not the best but I know what I need to do to correct it.  I aim for that goal everyday and at least attempt to shoot higher so that I can get to that goal faster.  I have noticed a big improvement for my family and I over this time last year.  Even with the way things are now.  I refused to let things like this get to me.  When the lose of my job hit several years back, I never thought to ask: ‘how many more bites’ so I could just get to tomorrow.   I went after it so I could make sure I made it into the next week.

So if you think that things are rough for you and that you just need to accept it, step back for a minute and realize that there is someone who might be worse off but they are not willing to accept the hit.  Then think to yourself, ‘if they can do it, so can I’.  We need to stop with the ‘how many bites’ and move on to seconds so that eventually we can make it on to dessert.

Thank you for letting me empty my mind.  I promise not to do this often but when I do, you will know where to find it.



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