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Me and My mazdaspeed. Vol I

Posted by Bill Prosperi on April 28, 2010

Everyone knows the Mazda jingle: ‘Zoom Zoom Zoom‘.  To me, it beats a little louder.  I am the proud owner of a Mazda.  A unique, well to me any way, Mazda at that.  I am one of the few proud owners of a mazdaspeed6.  A fun little turbo charged sedan that doesn’t stick out like the boy racers in an Evo or an STi.  So why did I go with this car, let me explain.

When I was in the market I was original ready to get a Ford Fusion.  When I was looking at the options available, I noticed All Wheel Drive was a choice.  Coming from a F-150 4×4, that sounded like a fair trade.  From there I decided to see what else was out there.  That is when I found this gem of a car.  I had already drove the Fusion as a rental so I thought it only fair to go drive the speed6.  ummmmm, wow.

The start of the drive was a little rough.  Trying to get a car moving from 3rd gear can prove a daunting task.  So after making a fool of myself, I got going and I never looked back.  The car was wonderful.  It was more than just a motor siting on top of four wheels that could get me to work and back.  This was a car.  A car that made you feel as if you were part of it.  That is what I was looking for.  This was not an appliance, it was a machine.  When Mazda says that their cars are race inspired, they mean it.

Now that I have had this car now for almost three years, I can find little fault with it.  Maybe a little more power, but that can be fixed.   The response from the engine is what makes it so fun.  You step on the gas and it goes.  If you get your shift just at the right rpm, hold on tight.  My kids enjoy calling the car ‘Daddy’s Race Car’ and they are pretty close with that.  Maybe all I need is a set of number decals on the side.

Whether this is my race car or as my wife says, my tri-life crisis, this my car for a long time.  I enjoy talking about my car.  I do it quite often.  Maybe a little too often, but it is hard not to.  So I leave you for now so I don’t ramble on too much.  Well at least not in one post.  I also would like to know what made you choose Mazda and their mazdaspeed cars.  Leave me a comment and hopefully we can work towards a Volume II.


3 Responses to “Me and My mazdaspeed. Vol I”

  1. salguod said

    I chose my Mazda3 (not a Mazdaspeed3, unfortunately) for much the same reason. I love almost everything about it. I was oriingally looking at Mazda Protege5s, but the opportunity came to get this slick little hatch new at a discount, I jumped at it. The Protege5 is a little lower on power, but a little more aggressive in the handling. The 3 is more refined, so it looses a little of the raw edge.

    It’s quick enough for me, good looking (like a running shoe, ready to go) adn takes corners with abandon. I call it my go kart with a backpack.

    I wish Mazda made an SUV with decent towing, I’d be all over that to replace my Odyssey. I love the CX9, but it won’t tow any more than my van, has less space and costs more. If we didn’t have the trailer and could swing it space wise, the Mazda5 is very attractive too.

  2. Hey there! nice site – get some pics up of you and your baby! (the Mazda)

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