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Its Monaco Time!!!!! #F1

Posted by Bill Prosperi on May 11, 2010

Now that Formula One is fully into the season and they are back running around terrorizing the villagers in Europe, one of the ultimate races is here, Monaco.  Something draws me to this race like no other. Not sure what it is but it is probably my favorite race of the year.  I know that passing is at its least and who ever is on pole will have the best chance of winning but then I think it is the sights and sounds that draw me in. Nothing like the surround sound going as they rocket through the tunnel. I just got chills up my spine thinking about it.

So with that said, lets talk about the sounds.  The sounds of the drivers pissing and moaning about the back-markers.  At first, I was with the them on this, thinking that the slower drivers would cause issues during qualifying. Then I thought about it.  These slower cars will be out my Q1 anyway.  If you get off your duff and get out there, get your hot lap in, what is there to worry about. If they do slow you up, then it looks like you might actually have to race your way around the Principality to improve your positioning for the finish.  That is what you are paid for right?

Once again, the top teams need something to grumble about.  I will give the top teams a small break.  I have seen some things from the slower teams that really make me wonder.  For example, Lewis Hamilton coming out of the pits and battling for position with Vettle.  I am not sure who the driver was but kindly got out of Vettle’s way right into the pit exit where Hamilton was desperately trying to gain the position on Vettle. Almost took all three of them out.  Maybe try talking to these teams in the Driver’s Meetings about this stuff.  Especially since some of them have little to no experience in F1.  Remember guys, there was a time where most of you were in the cockpit of one of these slower cars trying like mad to just finish the race.  Do us all a favor and stop the belly aching.  Get out there and prove to us you can race.


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