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Me and My Mazdaspeed, chapter II: Turn off the Radio and Listen to the Music.

Posted by Bill Prosperi on May 31, 2010


Originally uploaded by bprosperi

OK, I have a terrible secret to admit. I have had my mazdaspeed6 for almost 3 years now and have not truly taken it out on a road trip on some twisty and curvy roads to truly test it out. it has seem plenty of time on the back roads around the area where I live but nothing overly too exciting. I know, I deserve a long extended time out for that. But I finally got the chance to do so and here is that leg of the route: http://bit.ly/cy1His. The rest was just boring time spent on I-70 between Columbus and Cambridge Ohio.

This a nice scenic route that winds through the Piedmont Lake Region of Eastern Ohio. Lots of wonderful rolling hills, century old family farms, and deserted coal towns. In Sewellsville, along St Rt 800, there is a house built into the ground. I tried to get a picture but the home owners were in the front lawn. If you follow the route, you can kind of see it across the street from the Sewellsville Cemetery.

Apart from some slower moving cars, this was a great time. The car handled like a champ, taking hard turns with the greatest of ease. At speeds we wont talk about, the car and I synced up perfectly and bounded through the hills with grins from ear to ear. Well, the car was from wheel well to wheel well. When Mazda talks about how their vehicles are race inspired, they are not kidding around. The mazdaspeed6’s all wheel drive took charge of the roads and made the pavement its own. Pulling and pushing through every turn with perfect balance. The turbo worked its magic as we came up on slower traffic and was able to pass where able. The Pirelli PS Zero tires made sure we stuck to the road and did a fine job of it.

When I say: Turn off the radio and listen to the music, I am not talking about the strong possibility of banjo music coming from the side of the road. I am talking about the sounds of the engine revving, the exhaust notes, and the turbo doing its thing. A wonderful symphony that only few appreciate. The bigger issue now is the the bug has bite me and I want to do it again. Then some more. Tires are not that cheap.

Until next time my friends.

Zoom Zoom.


3 Responses to “Me and My Mazdaspeed, chapter II: Turn off the Radio and Listen to the Music.”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Antoine Tokar, Bill Prosperi. Bill Prosperi said: Me and My mazdaspeed, chapter II: Turn of the Radio and Listen to the Music.: http://wp.me/pSNZB-P […]

  2. salguod said

    Sounds like fun. Truth be told, I haven’t gotten to do much of that with my 3 and I’ve had it for almost 4.5 years. I take the back roads when I can, but there aren’t that many interesting back roads around here. Our church had a men’s retreat last weekend in Hocking Hills and I was looking forward to driving down there, but work and home commitments meant I wasn’t able to go. Bummed mostly that I missed the retreat, but bummed too that I didn’t get to get the 3 on those roads.

  3. bprosperi said

    Hocking Hills would have been a blast. I have heard several clubs often head that way for drives. The area I was at is very similar. I remember retreats like that as a kid. They were always good times.

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