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Me and my mazdaspeed Chap III – Making Memories.

Posted by Bill Prosperi on July 14, 2010

It was Father’s Day weekend and the place was Mid Ohio Sports Car course.  Little Man and Kid Kid, especially Little Man, had been begging for a long time to go see ‘race cars’. I could not think of a more perfect opportunity than this.  The event was the Grand Am Continental Tire Challenge, the weather was perfect and sunny.

To back drop this some, I am a huge motorsports fan, especially Formula One.  I also love watching just about everything else, except NASCAR. Not a huge fan of it. I will watch it but not for very long. When ever I do get the chance to sit down and watch a race, the kids are usually right there with me watching along and asking a thousand and one questions.  But as frustrated as I get, I enjoy every moment of it.

The trip to the track takes roughly an hour and during that time, I was asked repeatedly why I do not race my ‘race car’. Ever since I got my mazdaspeed6, it has been referred to as ‘Daddy’s race car’.  I have enjoyed this and the kids get a kick out of it as well. Trying to explain to them what it takes to be a race car driver never seems to register with them. The joys of parenthood.  We still have this conversation at least twice a week on the way home in the afternoons.

As a bonding experience with the kids, there could have been nothing better. Little Man was lost for words and was completely in awe of the cars as they flew by. Kid Kid tried her best to stay interested but the sun was getting to her and being tired to begin with did not help.  When asked what car we were cheering for, I pointed out the different Mazdas of which there were mazdaspeed3s, RX-8s, and two feisty MX-5s.  That worked for a short while, then the car of choice changed every lap. Though we all agreed that the Red Roush Mustang was a spectacular machine that day. Well until Joey Hand in his BimmerWorld BMW crashed into the Mustang right in front of us.

So how does this incorporate the mazdaspeed6, it got us there. That is about it. But since it got us there, it helped to create the memories that the kids still talk about. Little Man is looking forward to next year and Kid Kid is turning her gears on how Austin in 2012 is going to happen.  As a gearhead, it is not always about the car or all the cars that surround us but the memories that can be created around them. The few hours spent at the Italian Festival last Labor Day weekend are still brought up in conversation. Especially ‘Luigi’, the lone classic Fiat 500 that was there.

Cars are a love of mine. They are also fun for Little Man. My Father and Father-in-Law both are found of cars and will talk all day about them if given the chance.  For Little Man and I, it is in our DNA.  The hope of Kid Kid is slipping away, the inner-girl is starting to show now at age 7.  Hannah Montana or iCarly are now more interesting than Sunday morning Formula One or Saturday afternoon Grand Am or LeMans races.  Such is life but she will still stop what she is doing when a Ford GT40 shows up. She really likes that one. How could she not.

As the summer rolls on and the many local cruise-ins and car shows pop up, Little Man, Kid Kid (maybe), and I might be there in the mighty mazdaspeed6.  Even though it is not a true race car and I am not a race car driver.


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