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The Day I Almost Died….Well, Not Really.

Posted by Bill Prosperi on September 3, 2010

It was the last day of our Sophomore year of High School.  All of us basically showed up to school as the central meeting place before we headed off to the lake. It was tradition to skip out the last day unless there was still work to be done. All the tests were done and books turned in.  It was a nice warm June morning and barely a cloud in the sky.  It was going to be a good day. All I needed to do was find someone to ride with since I was not yet old enough to drive. Thank you summer birthday.

I hopped in my buddy’s little blue S10, along with one other person.  After all was said and done, there were four cars in the convoy, each loaded up with stupid teenagers. (One of the cars was driven by this cute Italian girl who was nice enough to acknowledge me every once in awhile.  This cute Italian girl is now my wonderful wife.) As all teenagers who just got their licenses do, we, I mean they, pushed the gas pedal a little harder than needed.  About half way there, the race was on! Until we hit the exit ramp. Literally.

At this point speeds were well above the limit of 55 mph but not overly excessive. At least that is what we had thought. As the truck we were in was not able to get around the others, a light bulb went off!!! Lets take this exit ramp and try to come ahead on the other side. We chose the one that did not work that way. It also turned hard to the right. That also caught us off guard. The next thing I saw was blue skies out the passenger window.   Why? The truck was now just at the posted highway speed limit as well on two wheels.  I was slightly elevated to say the least.  Some how the truck got back on all four wheels before it bounced off the guard rail, several times.  Of course, on the passenger side.  All during this, the passenger in the middle was quite vocal about this and the hearing in my left ear is still not the same.

The truck came to a stop and the three of us just sat there and looked at each other knowing that we just dodged a massive bullet. The passenger side of the truck was pretty banged up but the good thing was that the three of us were only shaken up. Not hurt. We were also lucky that this was way before cell phones were common place. Our parents would not find out.

We collected ourselves and headed out to the lake still. While there we devised a plan on how to cover it up: we were ran of the road by some out of state driver. Our parents pretended to buy it, but after senior year we told the truth. They knew already. That poor S10 though would go on to have a hell of a life. I am pretty sure almost every part was replaced at some point do to many more accidents by our friend. He is still not the best of drivers but we love him anyway. (He was the Best Man at our wedding.) His parents got him personalize plates for his 17th birthday: WREKED. We all got a kick out of it.

The joys of a backwoods town. How we all survived, I will never know. We had lots of fun though, and many memories burned in that will never go away.


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