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A Visitor’s Message

Posted by Bill Prosperi on September 15, 2010


A praying mantis came to rest at our front door the other day. It was inspiring to watch how she could just sit there and not move. Perfectly still.

I decided to see if this was a sign of good luck, bad luck, or just another bug on the front porch. As far as luck, she was neither. What she did come to mean is what she was, calm and still. Many cultures believe that the sighting of a mantis meant that life needs to slow down, rest, be calm and reset. A sign of too much stess.

That about sums up our life right now. With two young and active kids, a busy work life, and life in general, its kind of hard not to have some level of stress. We were glad summer was over, so we could hopefully sit down in the evenings. We are still waiting. Winter it is then.

As someone who has a deep respect for nature and all the mysteries that are hidden in it, I will try to take this sign the best I can. Besides, its a praying mantis, not a creature one wants to provoke.  Now, I wonder what this toad buried in the mulch means.


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