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An Old Green Dodge

Posted by Bill Prosperi on September 20, 2010

Saw an old Dodge truck the other day while driving around. The first thing that came to mind was the many summers spent working out in the fields baling hay.  Grandpa had a wide variety of trucks that he would buy to run in the fields but the one I remember the most was the late 50’s green Dodge.  I honestly do not know why though, seeing how I almost destroyed my foot when it got caught up in the wheel well of the old brown Chevy.

I vividly remember every late summer, riding in the back of the trucks, too young and small to be of any help.  It was always a family effort as we collected the bales in several trucks and drove them down to the barns.  Then as the day was over, Grandma would always have a nice feast for us, homemade spaghetti and fried chicken. How I miss that fried chicken.

I am not one for ‘country’ living but I do miss those days. Every time I see an old pick up, the hay fields are the first thing to come to mind. Then Grandma’s fried chicken. Then Grandpa yelling at all of us.  Memories, sweet memories.


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