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Easy Way to Pay Down the Deficit via Campaign Ads

Posted by Bill Prosperi on October 15, 2010

It’s that time of year again. I only wish I was talking about college football or the kids going back to school but I am not.  It is election season and the craptastic commercials are in full swing.  I soooo enjoy turning on the television to be berated with thirty second segments of pure spam.  Isn’t that what email is for? Over the last few cycles these ads have only got worse.  Rarely does one see an ad that actually comes close to saying what this numb nut running for office is truly standing for.  Mostly these ads are nothing more than a half minute of why their opponent should not be in office.  Fair enough, but why should you be in office? All I have to go on is why not to vote for anyone. At this point, that works fine for me.

So my crazy mind has come up with some groundwork to use these ads as a way to pay off our Nation’s debt. If you think about it, these idiots ran up the tab so why not make THEM pay it down.  It is a very simple plan, if your campaign runs an ad, a contribution to the deficit is made. We will play nice for the small guys running for County and Township offices since they rarely run ads and are running on shoe string budgets anyway.  I am mostly talking about the State and National level. These are the ones that take up every single commercial block during the month of October and now that is creeping into September.  It’s overload.

In all honestly, none of us really care for the ads, from either side.  One of the things I love right now about having to watch most prime-time tv is that I have to dvr it and wait till a later time to watch it.  That means I get to fast forward through the mindless drivel.  But I’ll be damned if I want to watch the news in the morning.  Every cycle billions upon billions of dollars are thrown away on these ads, so why not put some of that to real use.  Even if the ‘contribution’ is just a few thousand, just imagine how much that will add up to over all the ads run throughout the country every day and every night.  At the rate they are dumping these things on us now, we could in theory pay down the debt in a few cycles.

Every election cycle seems to put people in fear of how these figures are going to take away our freedoms, raise our taxes, ship our jobs to China, and on and on and on. China must really love us when it is election time.  My first thought was this: If you run a positive ad on what you will do in office and how you plan on changing YOUR past behavior, you will contribute the smallest ‘donation’. The more negative the ads get, the more the ‘donation’ rises.  If a corporation runs the ad for the candidate, they get to contribute as well since they are helping to fuel the fire.  Special Interest groups you are not off the hook either.  I do not care who you are but if you are running an ad for a political candidate, you are just as guilty for stoking these flames that is quickly dividing this county.   The vast majority of us see through your smoke and mirrors and we are tired of it.

My hope is that just maybe this may help these goobers start working together and get something accomplished and not start running for the next term as soon as they get in.  It seems as soon as one cycle is over, those that lost start to stump and campaign against those that got in.  Can we just let them attempt to do their jobs first instead of spend every day defending themselves from a bunch of bogus ads and speeches?  The negatives are not helping anyone and right now that is not what we need.  But at this point, I do not have a lot of hope and do not see an end anytime soon.

I know this is just a thought and ways around this will be found but I needed to get it off my chest.  Thanks for listening.


2 Responses to “Easy Way to Pay Down the Deficit via Campaign Ads”

  1. salguod said

    I love this idea. To make it simpler, maybe simply if your ad is about you and what you plan on doing, one fee. If it’s about why not to vote for ____, it’s double or triple that fee. Issue ads pay some middle fee.

    Oh, and the auto generated Google ad at the bottom of this post is a campaign ad. LOL.

  2. bprosperi said

    I think the robo calls deserve something even more evil. Those things drive me insane.

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