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The Mind of a Five Year Old. Part Duex: Oh Shik.

Posted by Bill Prosperi on January 6, 2011

Everyone knows that kid that just says the craziest things.  I have the joy of living with that kid and I am sure many other parents would say the same thing.  It seems that at least once a night, Little Man will pop off with something out of the blue and completely catch my Wife and I off guard.  This particular evening, he was on fire.

When I got home from work, my wonderful Wife asked me: “What is shik?” With a perplexed look, I asked her to repeat what she just said.  I heard her right the first time and it was shik.   She would go on to explain to me that Little Man’s speech therapist was working on ‘SH’ words with him and shik came up.  The therapist would go on to ask him what he meant by it and he would go on to say that ‘it is the word that you say when something you don’t like happens’.  We assured her that he did not hear it at home and it must be one of the many bad things that both kids have picked up from the grandparents.

Recently we decided to move the old desktop computer out of our office into the play area of the basement for the kids to use as they wish.  Little Man was down there doing his thing and needed a potty break.  A little while later, he came up from the basement to get ready for his bath.  I tried to get him to race me up the stairs and see if he could get ready for his bath before I got up there.  I asked him to go upstairs and get his clothes off and go potty but he reminded me that he already went potty.  Then he would launch this nugget: ‘Oh, by the way, the toilet overflowed and all the water went on the floor.  But don’t worry, the next time you flush it, it will fill back up again.”   Awesome, the carpet is soaked in toilet water.  My head hangs a little lower.

After finally getting him through his nightly sanitary rinse and in the midst of getting him to get dressed, he would throw out one more pearl of wisdom for the night. ‘When Sissy and I are grandparents….(dramatic pause)…you and mommy….(more pause)…will be dead.’  All I could get out was a few words of agreement.  How do you respond to that one!   At least he would go on to do well with his nightly sight words that he is wanting to learn and then read me a book.  The little dude is very proud of himself as he has somehow picked up reading at a pretty nice pace.  As parents, we are pretty darn proud too but to figure out we will be dead when he is old?  That is just rough…and very humoring as well.

At least I did not find the wet carpet the hard way, his mother was the lucky one there.


One Response to “The Mind of a Five Year Old. Part Duex: Oh Shik.”

  1. Erudition said

    I enjoyed reading your post – nice and witty! We currently offer two products that focus on sight words: a board game and an activity and coloring book.

    If Little Man likes playing games, please visit us at http://www.sightwordsgame.com.

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