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Rotary + Redneck = Goodness

Posted by Bill Prosperi on February 2, 2011

As a Mazda fanboy and a part-time redneck, I needed something to fulfill both sides of my heart.  One fine summer day, I took a trip out to the Googles and found this awesome RX-7 over on some list by this guy named Craig.  Cousin Earl had an extra lift kit from his failed attempt to raise his Wrangler tall enough to climb some rocks out in the dessert.  I told him I had a plan and we would put it to use.  I knew this would land me some hotties in no time.

We worked hard all summer long.  That dude Craig and his list found us some big lights we could mount on top for whens we go ‘coon huntin.  Them rascals ain’t going to out run us in this.  Cousin Earl and me, well I ain’t one to brag, but we is the fastest mud boggers in the tri-county area. All them boys and their oversized trucks can’t touch our rotary goodness.  I thinks they all are trying to compensate for something (if you know what I mean).

The cooler full of Iron City fits good in the back but now I just need to figure out how to mount the gun rack.


3 Responses to “Rotary + Redneck = Goodness”

  1. salguod said

    That’s awesome, but I suspect that there’s no longer a rotary under that hood.

  2. omg you have to post that on Tumblr. Repost Friday is almost here!!

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