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A Post for My Wife…

Posted by Bill Prosperi on February 14, 2011


How many people can say that they have known the Love of their life since they were five years old? Unless your parents arranged it with the neighbors when you were growing up, probably not many.  Most people usually meet the person they will spend their life with way after high school.  I meet mine in Kindergarten, granted at that point she was full of cooties and other gross girl stuff.
Somehow, after knowing me for all those years, she still agreed to go to that Home Coming dance with me our Senior year in high school.  Even with my many ‘not so thought out’ decisions through college, she held out hope that I just might not be a complete dork. (I am still at least 50% dork, just ask our daughter.)  After college was over, she agreed to walk down that aisle with me and make that promise to be my wife.

Now we have a home in the ‘burbs with two (still debatable) wonderful children who, while test us everyday, prove how much we still love each other after all these years of knowing each other.

We see days like Valentine’s day as just another day. A Hallmark holiday is not needed to show each other how much we appreciate what the other does for each other.  Well, that is how I feel.  Frankly, when someone stays up late to make you a brownie like this, you must be doing something right.

(I think the double exclamation points means I double cool!)

Happy Valentine’s Day Rachelle.

Love You.


3 Responses to “A Post for My Wife…”

  1. salguod said

    Awesome post. So many long married folks talk so much about the other’s faults or annoyances, it’s good to see how you appreciate each other.

    While I didn’t meet my wife until after college, I ‘knew’ her or who she would be for as long as I can remember dreaming of what my wife would be. I recognized her from my dreams almost as soon as I saw her.

  2. Mills said

    My husband and I also think of today as just another day. We do show our gratitude to each other all year long. What a sweet tribute to your wife. Thanks for sharing, Bill. –MS

  3. bprosperi said

    Thanks for the comments! True love is a powerful thing.

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