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Kid Kid and the Goat

Posted by Bill Prosperi on April 11, 2011

I have two wonderful children. Little Man who is just over five and is about as boy as they come. Then there is Kid Kid who is seven going on seventeen and is half tom boy and half ‘we do not know yet’ and this installment involves her. When she was younger, she would cuddle up with me and watch races, oogle over cars in the parking lot, and other such things.  She once saw a ’64 Mustang and told me how she wanted one when old enough to drive. When I had my truck, she would beg me to get on the gas in order to hear the engine roar.  The mazdaspeed6, that was ‘Daddy’s Race car.  Now that her ‘girly’ side is starting to emerge, the desire to go to car shows with the old man is all but gone. I am trying to cope. Then this weekend happened.

On the way to our first soccer game of the season, a car caught my eye, and not just any car. This one was a thing of beauty at its simplest, a shiny red’67  GTO. Kid Kid knew something was up when I cut her off mid-ramble with a long ‘wooowwww’.   She quickly replied with ‘what?’ and all I could do is point. Her next few words made my heart skip a beat. Kid Kid sat up in her seat and said, ‘that’s a beautiful car!’. Yes, yes it is kid. We then proceeded to have a conversation on classic muscle cars and why I love them. She may not know it, but she made her dad’s day with that one. Plus she played pretty darn well at her soccer game too.

I can trace my love of muscle cars to my father and the stories of the white GTO he bought straight out of high school. He loved that car but would have it sold out from under him when he won the wrong lottery back in the late 60’s. I think that may be why the car holds a special place in my heart.  I hope it stays in Kid Kid’s as well.  If anything, it shows that some of the old Kid Kid from a few years back is still there.  If she decides that stuff like this is just boring old ‘Daddy talk’, I’ll still love her anyway.  She may not get the coolest car when she is old enough to drive, but only time will tell.


3 Responses to “Kid Kid and the Goat”

  1. Bill – I love this story. As a girl who grew up somewhat tom-boy, I am now pretty much a full-fledged girlie girl (minus the prissiness). My love for cars has only grown with my age, so keep the faith. Unfortunately, once she realizes her “gift,” Kid kid’s knowledge about cars may be used as a tool to “impress the boys” – when she’s 30 of course. But nonetheless, us gals never forget the bonding moments with our fathers no matter how “cool” we may get in our teen years.

    • 30 is a pipe dream. At almost 8, she is already into boys. I am going to have my hands full with her. Glad you enjoyed the post and was able to connect with it. I like when that happens.

  2. Bill – Cute story. I don’t have kids yet nor am I a girl, but I pray each day that whichever flavor my kids come in I hope its one I can brainwash with auto facts.

    Happy motoring,


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