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Gas Card Giveaway.

Posted by Bill Prosperi on July 26, 2011

This is not something you will see me doing very often but I am always willing to lend a hand to family, especially my Mother-in-Law.  Her company, Bulldog Security will be giving away a $100 gas card every week for the next 12 weeks. Everyone who enters into the sweepstakes will also receive a coupon for 25% off a Bulldog Security Remote Starter.  Bulldog Security is well know for their ‘Do it Yourself’ line of vehicle alarms, remote starters, keyless entry systems and starter immobilizers.

Click the link below and ‘Like’ them on Facebook to be entered.

Bulldog Security Gas Card Giveaway. 


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A Post for My Wife…

Posted by Bill Prosperi on February 14, 2011


How many people can say that they have known the Love of their life since they were five years old? Unless your parents arranged it with the neighbors when you were growing up, probably not many.  Most people usually meet the person they will spend their life with way after high school.  I meet mine in Kindergarten, granted at that point she was full of cooties and other gross girl stuff.
Somehow, after knowing me for all those years, she still agreed to go to that Home Coming dance with me our Senior year in high school.  Even with my many ‘not so thought out’ decisions through college, she held out hope that I just might not be a complete dork. (I am still at least 50% dork, just ask our daughter.)  After college was over, she agreed to walk down that aisle with me and make that promise to be my wife.

Now we have a home in the ‘burbs with two (still debatable) wonderful children who, while test us everyday, prove how much we still love each other after all these years of knowing each other.

We see days like Valentine’s day as just another day. A Hallmark holiday is not needed to show each other how much we appreciate what the other does for each other.  Well, that is how I feel.  Frankly, when someone stays up late to make you a brownie like this, you must be doing something right.

(I think the double exclamation points means I double cool!)

Happy Valentine’s Day Rachelle.

Love You.

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Rotary + Redneck = Goodness

Posted by Bill Prosperi on February 2, 2011

As a Mazda fanboy and a part-time redneck, I needed something to fulfill both sides of my heart.  One fine summer day, I took a trip out to the Googles and found this awesome RX-7 over on some list by this guy named Craig.  Cousin Earl had an extra lift kit from his failed attempt to raise his Wrangler tall enough to climb some rocks out in the dessert.  I told him I had a plan and we would put it to use.  I knew this would land me some hotties in no time.

We worked hard all summer long.  That dude Craig and his list found us some big lights we could mount on top for whens we go ‘coon huntin.  Them rascals ain’t going to out run us in this.  Cousin Earl and me, well I ain’t one to brag, but we is the fastest mud boggers in the tri-county area. All them boys and their oversized trucks can’t touch our rotary goodness.  I thinks they all are trying to compensate for something (if you know what I mean).

The cooler full of Iron City fits good in the back but now I just need to figure out how to mount the gun rack.

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Why I Do Not Grow a Stache for Movember

Posted by Bill Prosperi on November 29, 2010

While October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, November is often known as Movember to draw awareness to Prostate Cancer in men. During October, Pink is the theme and for Movember, men grow out their mustaches.  Thanks to an unfortunate event in my young life, I grow two half mustaches that are not a pretty sight, due to a scar that goes from my lip to my nose.

It was the summer before my eighth grade year and we went camping. This was not just a family outing, it was a trip to our Church’s Young Womens outing.  I was a teenage boy going through puberty surrounded by like age and older teenage girls.  This was supposed to be a week of fun. It was not.  The second day of this week long event turned out to be one of the most physically painful days of my life.   While everyone had gone off to the beach, I decided to stay behind at camp. I soon got bored and decided to ride my bike to the beach.   On route to the beach was a long downhill descent. A very long steep downhill descent. At least that is what it seemed to me and I was ready for the challenge and the speed I was about to reach.  The movie American Flyers was playing in my head.  Then my head hit a minivan. A Chevy Astro van.  To this day I do not remember coming down that hill or ever seeing that van parked on the side of the road.  All I remember was hitting it at full speed and just missing putting my head through the rear driver’s side window.   Escaping with no broken bones, I did split my upper lip, severely sprain my right wrist and shoulder, which still bother me, took the skin off both my shoulders and took lots of tissue off the top of my left hand.  I was hurt pretty good and wisely just went back to camp to seek treatment.  How did I get back to camp? The van with the girls from the camp we were in, was on its way back.  Pure luck.

The truely lucky part was that I was able to eventually walk away and live on with out much issue.  That is not always the case for those that these two months are meant to support.  Cancer is no stranger to my family. I have lost many loved ones to this undiscriminating disease, one recently being an uncle to prostate cancer.  One of the most emotionally painful days in my life came just a few years ago, November 24th, 2003.  That day I was a pal bearer in one of the hardest funerals I have ever sat through.  My young cousin, Kayliegh, lost her battle with nueroblastoma.   My Grandmother also lost her battle with cancer around Thanksgiving several years before that.  I almost did not bother with the trip back home from college that year.  I was glad that I did, cause I was able to see her one last time before she passed.

So while I do not grow a mustache to show support and raise awareness for Movember, I do try to do many other things to show my support for such worthy causes. I do believe that one day science will grant us the elusive cure for cancer but until then, it is up to us to do what ever we can.  To all those that do take the time to grow a mustache, my hat is off to you and thank you.

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Easy Way to Pay Down the Deficit via Campaign Ads

Posted by Bill Prosperi on October 15, 2010

It’s that time of year again. I only wish I was talking about college football or the kids going back to school but I am not.  It is election season and the craptastic commercials are in full swing.  I soooo enjoy turning on the television to be berated with thirty second segments of pure spam.  Isn’t that what email is for? Over the last few cycles these ads have only got worse.  Rarely does one see an ad that actually comes close to saying what this numb nut running for office is truly standing for.  Mostly these ads are nothing more than a half minute of why their opponent should not be in office.  Fair enough, but why should you be in office? All I have to go on is why not to vote for anyone. At this point, that works fine for me.

So my crazy mind has come up with some groundwork to use these ads as a way to pay off our Nation’s debt. If you think about it, these idiots ran up the tab so why not make THEM pay it down.  It is a very simple plan, if your campaign runs an ad, a contribution to the deficit is made. We will play nice for the small guys running for County and Township offices since they rarely run ads and are running on shoe string budgets anyway.  I am mostly talking about the State and National level. These are the ones that take up every single commercial block during the month of October and now that is creeping into September.  It’s overload.

In all honestly, none of us really care for the ads, from either side.  One of the things I love right now about having to watch most prime-time tv is that I have to dvr it and wait till a later time to watch it.  That means I get to fast forward through the mindless drivel.  But I’ll be damned if I want to watch the news in the morning.  Every cycle billions upon billions of dollars are thrown away on these ads, so why not put some of that to real use.  Even if the ‘contribution’ is just a few thousand, just imagine how much that will add up to over all the ads run throughout the country every day and every night.  At the rate they are dumping these things on us now, we could in theory pay down the debt in a few cycles.

Every election cycle seems to put people in fear of how these figures are going to take away our freedoms, raise our taxes, ship our jobs to China, and on and on and on. China must really love us when it is election time.  My first thought was this: If you run a positive ad on what you will do in office and how you plan on changing YOUR past behavior, you will contribute the smallest ‘donation’. The more negative the ads get, the more the ‘donation’ rises.  If a corporation runs the ad for the candidate, they get to contribute as well since they are helping to fuel the fire.  Special Interest groups you are not off the hook either.  I do not care who you are but if you are running an ad for a political candidate, you are just as guilty for stoking these flames that is quickly dividing this county.   The vast majority of us see through your smoke and mirrors and we are tired of it.

My hope is that just maybe this may help these goobers start working together and get something accomplished and not start running for the next term as soon as they get in.  It seems as soon as one cycle is over, those that lost start to stump and campaign against those that got in.  Can we just let them attempt to do their jobs first instead of spend every day defending themselves from a bunch of bogus ads and speeches?  The negatives are not helping anyone and right now that is not what we need.  But at this point, I do not have a lot of hope and do not see an end anytime soon.

I know this is just a thought and ways around this will be found but I needed to get it off my chest.  Thanks for listening.

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The Finer Things

Posted by Bill Prosperi on September 20, 2010


What is the first thing I do aside from training while in New York City? Visit the closest Irish pub for a few pints. While I have just a small speck of Irish in me, I do enjoy what they have crafted.  After the day I had yesterday trying to get here, I think I may just enjoy a few of these.

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An Old Green Dodge

Posted by Bill Prosperi on September 20, 2010

Saw an old Dodge truck the other day while driving around. The first thing that came to mind was the many summers spent working out in the fields baling hay.  Grandpa had a wide variety of trucks that he would buy to run in the fields but the one I remember the most was the late 50’s green Dodge.  I honestly do not know why though, seeing how I almost destroyed my foot when it got caught up in the wheel well of the old brown Chevy.

I vividly remember every late summer, riding in the back of the trucks, too young and small to be of any help.  It was always a family effort as we collected the bales in several trucks and drove them down to the barns.  Then as the day was over, Grandma would always have a nice feast for us, homemade spaghetti and fried chicken. How I miss that fried chicken.

I am not one for ‘country’ living but I do miss those days. Every time I see an old pick up, the hay fields are the first thing to come to mind. Then Grandma’s fried chicken. Then Grandpa yelling at all of us.  Memories, sweet memories.

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A Visitor’s Message

Posted by Bill Prosperi on September 15, 2010


A praying mantis came to rest at our front door the other day. It was inspiring to watch how she could just sit there and not move. Perfectly still.

I decided to see if this was a sign of good luck, bad luck, or just another bug on the front porch. As far as luck, she was neither. What she did come to mean is what she was, calm and still. Many cultures believe that the sighting of a mantis meant that life needs to slow down, rest, be calm and reset. A sign of too much stess.

That about sums up our life right now. With two young and active kids, a busy work life, and life in general, its kind of hard not to have some level of stress. We were glad summer was over, so we could hopefully sit down in the evenings. We are still waiting. Winter it is then.

As someone who has a deep respect for nature and all the mysteries that are hidden in it, I will try to take this sign the best I can. Besides, its a praying mantis, not a creature one wants to provoke.  Now, I wonder what this toad buried in the mulch means.

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The Day I Almost Died….Well, Not Really.

Posted by Bill Prosperi on September 3, 2010

It was the last day of our Sophomore year of High School.  All of us basically showed up to school as the central meeting place before we headed off to the lake. It was tradition to skip out the last day unless there was still work to be done. All the tests were done and books turned in.  It was a nice warm June morning and barely a cloud in the sky.  It was going to be a good day. All I needed to do was find someone to ride with since I was not yet old enough to drive. Thank you summer birthday.

I hopped in my buddy’s little blue S10, along with one other person.  After all was said and done, there were four cars in the convoy, each loaded up with stupid teenagers. (One of the cars was driven by this cute Italian girl who was nice enough to acknowledge me every once in awhile.  This cute Italian girl is now my wonderful wife.) As all teenagers who just got their licenses do, we, I mean they, pushed the gas pedal a little harder than needed.  About half way there, the race was on! Until we hit the exit ramp. Literally.

At this point speeds were well above the limit of 55 mph but not overly excessive. At least that is what we had thought. As the truck we were in was not able to get around the others, a light bulb went off!!! Lets take this exit ramp and try to come ahead on the other side. We chose the one that did not work that way. It also turned hard to the right. That also caught us off guard. The next thing I saw was blue skies out the passenger window.   Why? The truck was now just at the posted highway speed limit as well on two wheels.  I was slightly elevated to say the least.  Some how the truck got back on all four wheels before it bounced off the guard rail, several times.  Of course, on the passenger side.  All during this, the passenger in the middle was quite vocal about this and the hearing in my left ear is still not the same.

The truck came to a stop and the three of us just sat there and looked at each other knowing that we just dodged a massive bullet. The passenger side of the truck was pretty banged up but the good thing was that the three of us were only shaken up. Not hurt. We were also lucky that this was way before cell phones were common place. Our parents would not find out.

We collected ourselves and headed out to the lake still. While there we devised a plan on how to cover it up: we were ran of the road by some out of state driver. Our parents pretended to buy it, but after senior year we told the truth. They knew already. That poor S10 though would go on to have a hell of a life. I am pretty sure almost every part was replaced at some point do to many more accidents by our friend. He is still not the best of drivers but we love him anyway. (He was the Best Man at our wedding.) His parents got him personalize plates for his 17th birthday: WREKED. We all got a kick out of it.

The joys of a backwoods town. How we all survived, I will never know. We had lots of fun though, and many memories burned in that will never go away.

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Me and My Mazdaspeed, chapter II: Turn off the Radio and Listen to the Music.

Posted by Bill Prosperi on May 31, 2010


Originally uploaded by bprosperi

OK, I have a terrible secret to admit. I have had my mazdaspeed6 for almost 3 years now and have not truly taken it out on a road trip on some twisty and curvy roads to truly test it out. it has seem plenty of time on the back roads around the area where I live but nothing overly too exciting. I know, I deserve a long extended time out for that. But I finally got the chance to do so and here is that leg of the route: http://bit.ly/cy1His. The rest was just boring time spent on I-70 between Columbus and Cambridge Ohio.

This a nice scenic route that winds through the Piedmont Lake Region of Eastern Ohio. Lots of wonderful rolling hills, century old family farms, and deserted coal towns. In Sewellsville, along St Rt 800, there is a house built into the ground. I tried to get a picture but the home owners were in the front lawn. If you follow the route, you can kind of see it across the street from the Sewellsville Cemetery.

Apart from some slower moving cars, this was a great time. The car handled like a champ, taking hard turns with the greatest of ease. At speeds we wont talk about, the car and I synced up perfectly and bounded through the hills with grins from ear to ear. Well, the car was from wheel well to wheel well. When Mazda talks about how their vehicles are race inspired, they are not kidding around. The mazdaspeed6’s all wheel drive took charge of the roads and made the pavement its own. Pulling and pushing through every turn with perfect balance. The turbo worked its magic as we came up on slower traffic and was able to pass where able. The Pirelli PS Zero tires made sure we stuck to the road and did a fine job of it.

When I say: Turn off the radio and listen to the music, I am not talking about the strong possibility of banjo music coming from the side of the road. I am talking about the sounds of the engine revving, the exhaust notes, and the turbo doing its thing. A wonderful symphony that only few appreciate. The bigger issue now is the the bug has bite me and I want to do it again. Then some more. Tires are not that cheap.

Until next time my friends.

Zoom Zoom.

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