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The Mind of a Five Year Old.

Posted by Bill Prosperi on December 6, 2010


Little Man has recently turned five. How they grow up so quick. It amazes me the memory that he has at times. Very early that morning, when the two neighbor boys and he woke up, they were trading ‘war’ stories that put more holes in the space-time continuum than imaginable.  All I could do was laugh as they were born when they were six, on Tuesday. (None of them are that old.)

The thing that got me was the Hot Wheel he just acquired VIA trade. A green Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggara LP 570-4. He knew it was a Lamborghini and he remembered seeing one just like it over the summer at the Italian Festival.  His words: ‘its like the one we saw but had clocks all over it.’ He was absolutely correct. How the hell did he do that. I can not even remember what I did last week!




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